For many years I enjoyed a fulfilling and exciting career as a Forensic Anthropologist. Yet, during that time I was forced to confront the darker side of human nature and its effects on others.

Over the past couple of years I have taken an unanticipated turn into exploring mixed media artwork, by combining digital art and butterfly photography. My art has provided a positive energy counter-balancing the frequently negative charged environments encountered while engaged in my professional work.

Butterflies represent many interpretations including re-birth, and when I began to explore different genre, I was compelled to create the art presented here, including the Angel Wings Collection – images which represent the positive energies and renewal to be sought within ourselves, even during the most trying times of our lives.

In 2019 one of my artworks, Angel Wing 5, received a Special Merit Award in the category of Photography and Digital Media – “Primary Colors” Exhibition by Light Space Time Online Art Gallery. An amazing experience as I walk in my new path.